Let’s put science-based insights to work on your challenges

I help ambitious professionals and their organizations use the most relevant, actionable takeaways from social science to transform how they work. Whether you’re interested in getting more out of your workday, building a faster pathway to the best ideas, or transforming employee engagement in your company, I can help.

There are a few ways to collaborate directly with me.
I consult on a range of topics. A few examples:
  • I’ve helped organizations achieve workplace excellence by cultivating more effective habits, practices, and communication.
  • I’ve partnered with businesses to solve their toughest employee engagement problems.
  • I’ve crafted original research to understand important shifts, trends, and opportunities that companies use to support their marketing and reinforce industry leadership.
When a larger team is necessary, I partner with Ad Lucem Group, a team of organizational experts fully dedicated to workforce engagement.
I offer one-on-one coaching services on a highly selective basis. I help a small handful of senior executives, entrepreneurs, and CEOs leverage the best of behavioral science to elevate their performance and reach their most important goals. Growth areas I can help with include:
  • Developing intelligent habits and smarter routines that free up your time and feed your energy.
  • Getting clear on your priorities and crafting a minute-by-minute schedule that dramatically improves your results.
  • Optimizing your performance and helping you achieve the results you (secretly) know you’re capable of.
  • Elevating your team’s creativity, productivity, and growth.
  • Empowering you in ways that get you recognized as a top performer by your colleagues and clients.
I’m a partner in New York Literary Productions, a unique book development consultancy built to help proven thought-leaders translate their ideas and audiences into major book deals. NYLP can help you hone your best idea and transform it into a book that catapults your career forward.
I also frequently give talks and workshops, which you can learn about on my Speaking page.
One of the best ways to apply the insights from my research is by taking one of my online courses. These courses are offered on a limited-time basis to a set number of attendees. If you’d like to participate, the best thing to do is to add your name to my course waiting list.

Or, if you’re interested in saying hello or sharing an idea, click below to contact me.