I love inspiring audiences with useful, fact-based insights that cultivate success.

My presentations and workshops are designed to be entertaining, interactive, thought-provoking, and immediately useful.

I love inspiring audiences with useful, fact-based insights that cultivate success.

My presentations and workshops are designed to be entertaining, interactive, thought-provoking, and immediately useful.

What attendees
say about
my keynotes

“You were the perfect keynote. The audience was ecstatic and evaluations are top notch. Our problem will be how to meet the exalted expectations next time.”

-LuAnn Heinen,
Vice President
National Business Group on Health
“[Ron] offered clear, concise advice on how to make a workplace better, and many of the event’s attendees said they were going back to the office with ideas they wanted to implement.”

-Sherri Dalphonse,
Executive Editor
“We were more than impressed. Ron Friedman presented an excellent keynote... He prepared for our audience. Ron asked detailed questions about who he'd be speaking to and how he could provide them real value. In my experience, that's rare.”

-Kevin Press,
Assistant Vice-President, Market Insights
Sun Life Financial
“Very impressive keynote. Your message definitely resonates with me.”

-Michael Petermen,
Vice President of Employer Insights
Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts

My Favorite Speaking Topics

I speak on a range of topics relevant to my research and writing, and I frequently custom-create content to deliver exactly what my clients are looking for. I also have a few topics I return to again and again that have proven their value for audiences of all kinds.

This keynote offers a distillation of the most important lessons from my book, Decoding Greatness. I'll reexamine the conventional wisdom behind common assumptions about where greatness comes from and offer a highly memorable, easily applicable set of practices and behaviors that anyone can use to achieve outstanding results in any field.

Along the way, I’ll share unforgettable anecdotes revealing the surprising, counterintuitive pathways to success taken by high performers from Bill Gates to Billie Jean King.

You’ll discover a new framework for learning that bears little resemblance to the traditional model of teachers, textbooks, and long practice sessions, and walk away with a fresh perspective on how to understand and optimize your own process for mastery.

How do you motivate others to produce their best work?

For generations, leaders have received conflicting advice. But now, thanks to groundbreaking new research, we have data-driven insights into the factors that generate employee engagement and sustain performance over the long term.

In this presentation, you’ll learn the surprising truth about what motivates excellence (hint: it’s not money or titles) and discover practical steps you can immediately apply to elevate your team’s performance.

Five things you will learn:

  • How to make any job feel more meaningful.
  • The one workplace reward that feels better than a raise.
  • Why many of the practices leaders have been taught to boost motivation—including glowing performance reviews, employee-of-the-month awards, and annual bonuses—can actually reduce employee engagement.
  • What the best jobs have in common with a video game.
  • How you can use evidence-based techniques to elevate your team’s motivation, helping you become a more effective leader.

This keynote reveals the highlights from my book, The Best Place to Work: The Art and Science of Creating an Extraordinary Workplace, a surprising look at the emerging science of workplace excellence.

My presentation explores the unexpected practices the world’s most successful organizations use to sustain cultures of positivity and excellence.

You’ll discover why great workplaces reward failure, how employee friendships improve the bottom line, and why smart managers aim to complicate rather than simplify their employees’ lives.

By the end, you and your team will think differently about what makes work rewarding and walk away with a laundry list of ways every one of you can contribute to a thriving workplace.

In the past, maintaining a successful business meant increasing productivity and eliminating waste. But today, the world is different. For any company to thrive, it needs more than an efficient process—it needs a steady stream of creative ideas to drive innovation and stimulate growth.

What can leaders do to spark out-of-the-box solutions? As it turns out, quite a bit.

We’re led to believe that creativity is fixed—that people either have it or they don’t. But as you’ll discover in this talk, this assumption is false. There are practical, evidence-based steps that any company can use to foster workplace creativity.

Five things you will learn:

  • What the behaviors of creative geniuses like Shakespeare, Mozart, and Picasso have in common with the world’s most innovative companies.
  • How your office layout can promote or stifle your creative thinking.
  • How strategically building diversion into your day can lead you to more creative insights.
  • Why successful teams often make more mistakes.
  • How you and your team can implement a creativity diet.